Orange Moon

Here are my long awaited pictures from the lunar eclipse on Wednesday. This first one was taken around 9:10pm. I was using a lunar filter that is good for bringing out contrast detail, but has the side effect of filtering out any unique colour changes. So the moon looks very white here. I colour corrected it and brought out more yellow.

This next one was taken 10 minutes later. There is a slight increase of darkness and this is a good demonstration of how fast the moon was moving into our shadow. Also note how the bright part is starting to get washed out due to the extremes in contrast.

Finally, at about 9:55pm I took this last one showing nearly complete shadow. I removed the lunar filter so that the colours of orange really start to show. This is ambient light filtering through all the crap in the earth’s atmosphere. Also note how the bright part is maxed out, so there is very little contrast detail here, even when I tried to strech out the histogram.

Each of these pictures is built from about 30-40 “raw” pics taken with my Meade LPI and then processed with Maxim DL. I tried Registax too, but the results weren’t as good.

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