OOP with Python just makes sense …

Over the holidays I spent my free time fiddling with Python. I know … exciting isn’t it?

Up until now, I’ve been heavily into Perl, but it was never easy doing any Rapid Application Development for Windows. Personally I prefer Linux, but my Dell came with a shiny Aero theme. So Windows it is.

Perl is way too unstructured and forget about OOP. Any widgets implemented in Perl quickly turns into a “->” nightmare. Not only is Python well structured (no need for {}) but it lends itself to OOP very well. I actually understand it now.


class object:
     def __init__(self, name):
         self.name = name

thingy = object(“pencil”)
print (“My thingy is a %s.” % thingy.name)

Wow. Can’t get any easier than that. Now that I’ve mastered OOP then, in the tradition of complete programming naivity, I’ll take a bigger bite than I can chew and develop an entire PyQt application from scratch.

Merging my interest in Astronomy and mastery in Python (can you tell I’m being sarcastic here) I’ve decided a PyQt Ephemeris tool would both be challenging and interesting. Plus it would probably look really cool.

I found a great web-based Ephemeris tool HERE that’s a good starting point. So I’ll be posting my PyQt struggles online here for you all to laugh over.

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