Pigs are more aerodynamic than previously thought.

I bought a Mac. Actually a Mac Mini for the LCD TV in the livingroom. The Dell notebook I was using was starting to act wonky. I decided to head for the dark side after recently getting an iPhone — which totally rocks by the way. I figured Macs can’t be all that bad if they’re like my iPhone. And besides everyone says Macs are great for multimedia, which is what this thing is supposed to do.

The Mini works flawlessly. I’m actually astonished at the lack of bloatware. Normally with new PC hardware it takes me an hour to clear off crap I don’t need. The nice clean OS X interface is a pleasant change. But finding stuff does takes some getting used to as its all in different locations, but application management has never been easier.

My primary Dell Notebook at home is still working well, but maybe for the next upgrade a MacBook might be considered. I hear OS X and Java integration is pretty tight. Worth playing with …

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