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IPA with extra dry hops

My Ingredients

1. Coopers IPA Select
2. 1 kg DME (Could use 500g DME + 500g dextrose, but DME give more mouth feel)
3. Extra 300g dextrose (IPA’s traditionally have a higher alcohol content)
4. 2 oz Cascades dry hops


– Started with roughly 24 cups water in boiler.
– Add DME and dextrose slowly and disolve. Need to avoid scorching.
– Heat to boil. Lots of foam.


Keep lifting from element and stirring to hot break.


– Boil for 90 secs then add hops.
– Boil 2 mins more. Not any longer otherwise hop oils dissipate too quickly.
– Remove from heat and cover.
– Cool for a few mins and add everything to fermenter including hop mush.
(you sanitized everything before starting, right?)

– I soaked the Coopers can in hot water so it pours easily.
– Add Coopers LME and fill to 5gal
– Stir to cool quick.
– Check temp and throw yeast



– Seal it up & add bubbler. Wait 6-7 days to bottle.


– After 2 days fermentation started. See pressure difference starting.

Gonna be yummy!