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Cloud Envy

6356-1600x1200Everything is about the cloud today. Seeing as I don’t have a cloud to stand on, I thought I should learn me some.

Purely as a proof-of-concept, I whipped up a web application using only cloud development tools and PaaS deployment. The concept of web-based Cubbyholes for text might seem overly simplistic, but all coding was done in the cloud using Exo IDE (now called Codenvy) which provides Python code to be directly deployed to Google’s AppEngine PaaS.


Users can register using their Google account and privately save text in their ‘cubbyholes’, which can also be embedded (need HTML5 for that). Must admit Google’s API is super, plus I’m allowed something like a few million hits per day before any money needs to be thrown at it. So scalability becomes transparent too. Quite honestly I’m really impressed. Programming everything using JQuery UI also made things very simple. Although I can’t stand javascript, and html, this project was fun.

Follow up: Trying to mix JQuery Mobile framework for iPhone with Google AppEngine. Trickier than I thought because of the python handler…
Building Project-2-Factor to be a customizable and mobile (iPhone web app) version of PasswordCard. Bit of a headache.