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For Great Wine: Take Your Time and Follow the Directions

Decided to try a bottle of my first wine batch a little early. See, I made some Pinot Noir using a 6-week kit fully expecting to let it “age” in the bottle afterwards a good couple months. My mother-in-law who will remain nameless (who got half the batch I might add) decided it was time to open up after only a couple weeks. After several OMG texts, we decided to open one too.

Notwithstanding it was young, there was no nasty aftertaste usually found with homemade wines made on store prem. The wine was smooth, deep flavour and was really enjoyable. Can you hear my surprise?

Brewing in the store can produce some good batches, but considering they’re probably cranking out at least a dozen batches a day, they gotta be cutting some corners. Maybe “it needed an extra day”, or maybe “hey, let’s add these bags together rather than 2 days apart”. In any case, there is nothing better than taking your time at home and following the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. The results are surprising.

My mother-in-law has ordered another batch. So I’m starting a Valpolicella (with grape skins). I am fully confident that its going to kick ass.